Since 2013, OrganWorks dance company was established by Shintaro Hirahara.
Currently main activities are performance, planning, direction and choreography of stage performances, as well as creating stage wardrobe, video works, music and PR design.
Each Member energetically works as a freelancer in his/her fields, and Organworks provides opportunities for such members to demonstrate their skill; members gather and produce works each time planning/performance is started.

OrganWorks members are
Director/Choreographer : Shintaro Hirahara
PR/ Hiroshi Morishima
Dancers/Jun Aoyagi, Takkun Ikegami, Sae Onishi, Mutsumi Komatsu, Takuya Sato, Ippei Shiba, Yasushi Shoji, Maho Takahashi, Junpei Hamada, Chinatsu Horikawa, Taeko Machida, Remi Murai, Aya Yakushiji, Haruka Watanabe
Music/Yuta Kumachi, Masayuki Kagei



Shintaro Hirahara

was born in 1981 in Hokkaido. He started his career as a professional classical ballet and hip-hop dancer, and then he works as a contemporary .
He belonged to Noism dance company from 2004 to 2007. He became a
freelancer after leaving the company. He established OrganWorks, his own
dance company, in 2011. At the same time, he works domestically and
internationally with choreographers like Ryohei Kondo, Shintaro Oue, Carmen
Werner, etc. Also, he collaborates with artists in different genre like Reijiro Tsumura (Noh
Player), Ikiume (theater company), Kentaro Kobayashi (comedian),
Kensaku Kobayashi, Akira Shirai, Chiharu Shiota (visual artist), Midori Harima,
etc. Hirahara searches possibilities of physical expressions with his
belief of “creativity resides in quality.”

<Award & fellowship>

2011   Best Choreography Award, Korean International Modern Dance Competition
2013-14   A fellowship for young artists from Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japanese government
2015   Cultural Encouragement Award by Otaru city, Hokkaido
2015   Best upcoming choreographer of 2015 in Japanese Dance magazine “On Stage”
2016   Next Generation Choreographer Award and Audience prize at Toyota Choreography Award 2016
2017   Japan Dance Forum Award, JaDaFo Dance Award 2017